Energy Saving Detection and Prevention

20% of the world’s total energy is spent only on the pump system. In industrial plants that rate varies between 25% and 50%
90% of the energy loss in the pump and valve operation is due to the raucous selected large pump.
88% of the lifetime cost of pump energy. Only 4% of the initial investment costs and maintenance costs constitute 8%.
Energy savings, increased service life, optimizing the business
Energy-saving and productivity-enhancing work practices
The pump operating point optimization and systems analysis
System analysis of possible actions to take after
reducing the diameter of the pump impeller
Changing the efficiency of the new poor engine
increase the efficiency by coating the pump
Changing the pump efficiency with a new low
dynamic losses in the system than to use the frequency inverter
Let’s re-design of the suction line to avoid the possibility of cavitation
Making pump maintenance
Reducing the high identification of employees by eliminating pump vibrate and the vibration of the energy savings and maintenance costs for the installation done right
Calculation of systems analysis after the reporting period and return on investment to be made
Move your pump system analysis, and save energy.