Water, Wastewater, Rainwater Optimization

Water, wastewater and rainwater simulation software and networks, channels, water bodies of the delta are being developed with various software in the digital environment, the virtual work is done for the improved through the network analysis based on the results. Reports of the network according to the data in the study is intended to achieve excellent results. These variable conditions, as well as new infrastructure,  will need to pack to increase the pressure on the existing system. It is still a need for a dynamic control method for the continuity and health of the dynamic system. Today, the name of this dynamism “Hydraulic Modeling” is. Hydraulic modeling the flow of energy is made the simulation of variables such as pressure and water quality.
The main objective of high-quality water for water supply and distribution organizations to provide an effective and sustainable manner. This should be an acceptable pressure and with minimal leakage losses.

Models designed to identify the network infrastructure in the typically weak point is the control of water quality and the most advanced hydraulic modeling software used in other operational needs. Emergency simulations can be done to investigate and solutions.

Sample Applications
  • Leakage management
  • Pump optimization (energy efficiency)
  • At the level of individual customer supply assessment
  • Demand management
  • Design and implementation of drought management plans
  • planning capital investment program
  • The critical link analysis
  • Scenario planning and fire flow analysis
  • Pollution incidents simulation
  • Water quality and chlorination ratings
  • Sedimentation analysis
  • System storage optimization